An installation image with AS400 tables, AS100 chairs, and AS500 table in front
A reference image of Tempest tables from Kasarmikatu
An installation image with Moveo table and 40_4 chairs
An installation image with Tutor tables and 40_4 chairs
  • Smart, harmonious, space-saving, and cleverly flexible... The AS series of nesting tables and chairs leaves room for all imaginable purposes.
  • Detail is everything. It is why the Tempest flips, rolls and unfolds possibilities like no other table system in the world.
  • Usu is a study of simplicity in both form and function. The intuitive folding mechanism and transporter, with room for ten tables, make Usu easy to move.
  • The unique folding system makes Simpla radically different. In addition to a minimalist and elegant silhouette, the two-piece table is flexible and space-saving.
  • Easy to move thanks to a light frame, Moveo is even more flexible than your calendar. Optimum mobility is ensured by the perfectly designed wheels.
  • This stackable table pays tribute to the iconic 40/4 chair, and in the process, becomes an icon itself.


Unlock endless possibilities with HOWE functional tables

Visionary Thinking

Moving towards sustainability

HOWE has always been compelled by a strong focus on design’s purpose. This focus extends to sustainability.

HOWE guarantees a long-lasting and environmental solution performing strong on function and aesthetics.



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