Learning by (dynamic!) design


The 28,290-metre Learning and Teaching Building (LTB) at Clayton Campus, Monash University has pioneered a new educational environment of 65 learning spaces – both formal and informal – for its 25,000 students. In doing so, it’s created a concept called ‘education innovation’, which inspires a more contemporary approach to learning. Here the focus is placed as squarely on pre- and post-class learning as on traditional in-class learning.


In line with the university’s strong vision for the future of education, the building’s architects have looked at spaces for these pre-, in- and post-class experiences of learning. The architects have designed in a vast number of informal study spaces and nooks, one of which is its stunning ‘escarpment stair’. For many of these spaces, they’ve chosen HOWE as a design partner to provide seating. 



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Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, has a new gateway building. We’re excited to showcase and be part of it – both for its future-facing approach to education innovation, and for its ability to inspire.


“The pre- and post-class learning is self-directed and ideally happens on the university campus, with students learning from each other. It’s a learning process that needs an informal setting.”


Principal at John Wardle Architects

Meaghan Dwyer

Contemporary approach to learning

“We believe that design should cater to the shared experiences as much as that of the individual” 〰 Luke Pearson from the PeasonLloyd duo that designed our SixE chair.


The chair has the ability to blend in with its simple modern look and stand out with its high functionality. Here at Monash University in Australia the chair is a part of their concept called ‘education innovation’ which inspires and moves the students to a more contemporary approach to learning.



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