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Aiming to create a modern, inclusive workspace responsive to the changing nature of work, THM Partners strategically divided their office into distinct zones, delineating workstations, meeting areas, and breakout spaces. The well-considered layout lets employees unwind away from their desks in designated social zones, enjoying balance.


For the meeting rooms, both formal and informal collaboration hubs, THM selected MN1 5-star chairs. These chairs complement the technologically advanced and acoustically sound interiors, affording seamless collaboration, in-person and remote. Boasting timeless comfort and refined aesthetics, the MN1 armchair, with its leather-upholstered back and vibrant seat upholstery atop a sleek black powder-coated base, finished their traditional and contemporary meeting spaces alike, infusing the corporate space with welcoming ambiance.


The tea point and breakout areas, convivial atmospheres of social interaction, feature upholstered counter-height 40/4 barstools. Drawing inspiration from the iconic 40/4 chair, these barstools offer a harmonious blend of elegance and minimalism. With narrow seats and a subtle recline, they offer optimal comfort for relaxed gatherings, casual work sessions, or client engagements. The versatility of the 40/4 chairs, with their stackable design for easy storage and rearrangement, enables the space to accommodate town hall meetings and large presentations as needed.


Photography: Oliver Pohlmann



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THM Partners, rooted in the UK, has pioneered introduction of the country’s Chief Restructuring Officer role since its inception in 2001. Over the years, their team has led numerous significant European projects and facilitated over 140 restructurings, totaling a debt exceeding £158 billion. Distinguished by their collaborative approach, they prioritize engagement with all stakeholders, fostering trust and consensus.


Due to significant growth, THM Partners needed to relocate to a more spacious and adaptable environment suited for contemporary work practices — one that promoted employee well-being and productivity. Their new premises at 16 East Cheap, covering 5,500 square feet, optimizes natural light and panoramic views, shaping the revitalizing work atmosphere sought.

“Whenever creating collaborative spaces that foster unity is key to the project, HOWE's adaptable furniture solutions shine. With practical design, we aim to empower individuals wherever they choose to work, brainstorm, learn, and connect. Since 1928, our mission has remained steadfast.”



The ultimate solution for modern work and meeting applications

Featuring classic lines and a focus on comfort, the MN1 chair is perfect for a wide range of uses.


With its distinct identity, MN1 is the ultimate choice for architects and designers looking to enrich corporate interiors with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Explore its unique identity, complete with elegantly twisted armrests for unparalleled seating comfort.


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