Pursuing excellence in every detail, Jeudan decided to redesign its headquarters' conference and meeting rooms. They replaced their old Arne Jacobsen chairs with David Rowland's 40/4 chairs from HOWE. The 40/4 xtra chairs were chosen for their exceptional comfort and stackable functionality. The chair’s higher back and wider seat and backrest redefined the seating experience, proving perfect for a flexible meeting space.


Kari Kvalpskarmo, Jeudan's designer, noted, “Design and quality are always crucial in our work. In this project, it was vital to plan a space that was functional, comfortable, and appealing to both Jeudan's employees and customers.” Kvalpskarmo associates the 40/4 chairs with HOWE’s Moving Design philosophy that prioritizes dynamic, adaptable products. 


Jeudan's conference and meeting room, used by internal and external stakeholders, is ready for various purposes. The 40/4 xtra chairs transform the corporate space, offering elegance and warmth, catering to a diversity of needs. With their minimal, refined design, the 40/4xtra chairs provide a relaxing seating experience while being easily stacked and stored for everyday use. The timeless design and functionality were key factors in choosing the 40/4 chairs to better comfort at Jeudan's headquarters.


Photography: Jeudan



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Jeudan is Denmark's largest listed service and real estate company. It has been a loved provider of secure and beautiful historic settings for Copenhagen's residents for 125 years. Every day, their team diligently maintains its buildings, ensuring neatness, customer satisfaction, and pride for property owners. Their commitment extends beyond their properties, they contribute to the city's vibrancy and societal well-being.


Yearly, Jeudan invests millions in preserving, refurbishing, and improving its central Copenhagen and Frederiksberg properties. They consider this investment a social responsibility as well as an honor, preserving cultural heritage and keeping buildings usable for generations. Jeudan is devoted to maintaining a vibrant capital while keeping a neat appearance.

If I had to choose three words to describe the 40/4 chairs, these would be comfortable, stackable, and inviting.”


Kari Kvalpskarmo, Jeudan's designer

Refined business look with 40/4

When support for corporate branding and the improvement of conference and meeting experiences is needed, HOWE has the answers.


Simple yet elegant lines and excellent flexibility are what the 40/4 chairs provide in a wide array of settings. They demonstrate their multifunctionality and elevate the experience for guests and business partners, making them feel treated with due respect.


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