10. June 2024



Meet the burgeoning trend of 'hot desking,' we introduce a product finely tailored to give nomadic workers  flexible work environments. The innovative product concept allows users to unfold a surface wherever needed, thereby redefining workspace dynamics.

Announcing the launch of Folding Surfaces, our new mobile double-folding bench designed in partnership with Jones & Partners. We aim to empower the modern, hybrid workspace!


With Folding Surfaces, users can adjust their office space easily. Whether for crafting, presenting, or hosting a gathering, the space molds to every moment’s need. Cleverly integrated power solutions, paired with the portable batteries and complemented by mobile power units, ensure that these innovative surfaces not only give independence from traditional power sources but also allow access to power at every surface’s edge.



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Considered the largest mobile double-folding bench desk available, equipped with built-in battery power sources, our innovative product concept meets current demands while leaving room for future enhancements, ensuring longevity and scalability to fulfill evolving needs and budgets.


Folding Surfaces optimize workspace utilization and space elasticity, making them ideal for downsized offices or any environment where a new working paradigm has prevailed. Their adaptability and smooth mobility make them a must-have for modern, flexible workspaces.



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Best Of NeoCon Business Impact Award 2024


Folding Surfaces has been honored with the Best of NeoCon Business Impact Award. This prestigious award celebrates exceptional product solutions that significantly enhance business operations and enterprise-oriented environments.


Evaluated by a distinguished panel of journalists and industry experts from notable publications such as Fast Company, Forbes, and The Economist, the Folding Surfaces table stood out for its outstanding design, adaptability, and contribution to productivity. The criteria for this award include aesthetics, user experience, social responsibility, sustainability, and technology integration.

A bird's-eye view image of unfolded and folded Folding Surfaces tables
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Moving towards sustainability

HOWE has always been compelled by a strong focus on design’s purpose. This focus extends to sustainability.

HOWE guaranteeS a long-lasting and environmental solution performing strong on function and aesthetics


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