Are you ready to free yourself from spatial constraints in the office? With Folding Surfaces, you can adapt your space as needed. This innovative product concept, offering built-in power, enables users to unfold surfaces wherever they're needed, shaping their workplace's dynamics at will. 


An installation image featuring the Folding Surfaces tables, AS100 chairs and power horses
An installation image featuring the Folding Surfaces tables, AS100 chairs and power horses

for a network culture


With Folding Surfaces, users gain the ability to adjust their office space as necessary. This innovative product concept allows users to unfold a surface wherever needed, thereby redefining workspace dynamics.


Folding Surfaces optimize workspace utilization, making them ideal for downsized offices or any environments where the new working paradigm prevails. Their adaptability and enhanced mobility may be particularly appealing to architects and designers working with modern flexible office layouts.

Bring Power
To The Whole Team


Cleverly integrated power solutions, paired with the portability of batteries, and complemented by accessories like 'power horses' for extra power on demand, Folding Surfaces empower users to liberate themselves from expensive power floor tanks and access power at every edge of the surface.


These innovative surfaces not only ensure independence from traditional power sources but also maintain a clean, flat working area essential for undisturbed work projects.



To allow nomadic workers
a flexible work environment
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a product where the user
can fold down
a surface where needed. 


Craig Jones

A sketch of folded and unfolded Folding Surfaces tables
A sketch of folded and unfolded Folding Surfaces tables

Redefine Workspace Agility


Folding Surfaces empower you to seamlessly shape your workspace into whatever you need it to be. Whether it's crafting, presenting, or hosting a gathering - the space seamlessly adapts to your needs.


Whether utilized as a mobile hot-desk, a project meeting table, or a surface for creating a library setting, the Folding Surfaces solution empowers users to instantly transform any environment into a functional workspace.

changing work dynamics


Considered the largest mobile double-folding table available, Folding Surfaces accommodates up to twelve people in a project/meeting setup. It can be integrated into different office setups, alongside other furniture pieces or in various collaborative settings.


The table effortlessly adapts to changing work dynamics, promoting collaboration and creativity. Break free from the ordinary and embrace a future where your workspace evolves with you.


An image of Craig and Nick from Jones & Partners Studio
 Oak veneer folding surface table on a gray background, unfolded

Designed by Jones & Partners

For a quarter-century, Jones & Partners has epitomized excellence in multi-disciplinary design. 


HOWE and Jones & Partners share a passion for pushing boundaries and redefining the norms of workspace design. HOWE's longstanding commitment to multifunctionality, space efficiency, and superior quality finds a natural complement in Jones & Partners' 25-year legacy of groundbreaking design solutions.


Known for their consultative approach and penchant for sustainability, Jones & Partners brings a fresh perspective to every project, aligning seamlessly with HOWE's ethos.

A portrait imange of Craig Jones in yellow glasses

reshape the way you experience and share your workspace with coworkers.

A bird's-eye view image of unfolded and folded Folding Surfaces tables
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Feel free to unfold your potential

If you have any questions regarding Folding Surfaces, please contact our Customer Service at cs@howe.com

 Black laminate Folding Surface table with six upholstered 40/4 chairs, folded

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