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Jan Tromp, the architect behind the furniture choice for Kasarmikatu 21, when asked to describe the functionality of HOWE’s furniture, replied: “Great functional value. I think 40/4 chairs and Tempest tables tick all the boxes of functionality for the project. Even when they are highly functional, they are not gadgets.”


Environmental aspects played a huge role in the building process of Kasarmikatu 21 and that is why FSC certification of HOWE’s furniture was also a great asset to the overall requirements for the project. Since the delivery took place in 2017, we asked Project Manager Tiina Laurén about how the daily users of HOWE’s furniture feel about them after this time.


“The daily users of the furniture are mainly employees from the companies represented in the Kasarmikatu 21 building, e.g. attorneys, people in the financial sector, consultants, etc. The restaurant has also become very popular among office workers coming from outside of the building, including the several architectural practices nearby.”


She believes they enjoy using the furniture – “The 40/4 chairs are often described as being very comfortable to sit in.”


HOWE was chosen for this project not only for its impeccable functionality and timeless design but also for the appreciation of movement, which was a great inspiration for Jan Tromp while making the furniture choice.


“I always have some inspirations. This case was no different. First of all, the architecture - you have to understand what the architecture is about, and, in this project, we have a fine piece of modernist architecture. Open floor plans, modular grid, volumes in space, limited use of materials, durability, timelessness. If you can appreciate the architecture, it´s much more fun to work with the interior. Secondly, the idea of movement. Thinking about how people move or flow through the building and on the streets around the building.”


Our cooperation resulted in a harmonious and beautiful space, optimized for people who visit or work in the building.



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Kasarmikatu 21 is a prime property in the heart of Helsinki. Located in the historical part of the city, Kasarmitori Square, it provides flexible and eco-friendly working premises for one thousand employees. The old government building that was occupying the site has been taken down and replaced by modern, top quality construction made with natural materials such as stone, timber, and glass.


Environmental aspects played a huge role in the rebuilding process, resulting in acquiring the platinum level LEED environmental rating. The nature of Kasarmikatu 21 meant that the furniture used in the project had to offer great flexibility, especially in the high-end restaurant at street level. The main purpose of the restaurant is to cater daily to a great number of office staff and clients. There were a few important factors in the process of choosing the right solution. The challenge was to find furniture that:


- Can be easily stored and compacted because there is not a lot of storage space

- Can be handled by one person and used in all spaces if needed (e.g. a chair taken from the restaurant would still look aesthetically pleasing in the multi-purpose space)

- Would be timeless and look good in various configurations

- Would meet requirements to support LEED rating of the building


As the functionality and design were the keys, we were more than happy to provide the project with our solutions: 40/4 side chairs, 40/4 swivel armchairs and Tempest tables.

“HOWE's furniture offers great functional value. I think 40/4 chairs and Tempest tables tick all the boxes of functionality for the project. Even when they are highly functional, they are not gadgets.”


The architect behind the furniture choice for Kasarmikatu 21
Jan Tromp

Achieve sustainable goals

Taking inspiration from the Bauhaus Movement, HOWE has always been compelled by a strong focus on design’s purpose. This focus extends to sustainability.


Just as form follow function, we believe that every means of sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution must follow the highest standards of sustainability.



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