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The innovative design acts as a mirror for the fresh approach to education. When choosing seating, sturdiness of the chairs was important. In a school environment, the chairs are likely to experience hard and frequent use. Suffolk One chose the 40/4 chair due to its durability, as well as its simple and elegant design.


It’s not easy for the product to survive the test of time in a public building. Due to this factor, one of the biggest advantages were indeed the warranties offered by HOWE. The 40/4 family helped to keep discipline throughout the whole building. With the use of different chair versions - from the simple classroom chair to a science stool all the way through IT - it helped to simplify and unify all interior and made the building work together.



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Suffolk One provides top level education facilities for over 2,000 16 to 19 year old students. The objective was to develop an inclusive and inspirational Learning Centre, sitting in the heart of a collaborative studying community where all talents and achievements are valued.

“One of the reasons HOWE was used for Suffolk One was because 40/4 came as a family.”


Senior Designer, FFE Consulting Ltd.

Tim Forster

Comfortable education

 It matters how fast we can change and adapt a room to new projects and ideas. It matters how well we can ensure a collaborative atmosphere.


All our moveable design is, literally, tailored to support this.



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