SixE 4-leg with castors is a stackable multi-purpose chair that offers extra mobility. Ideally suited to collaborative, training, meeting and conference environments, SixE 4-leg with castors is the truly created for mobility and flexibility. The castors are sturdy, albeit discreet, making the chair an ideal solution for projects where there is no place for compromise between space-saving solutions and smooth mobility of the chair.


The SixE chair is high-performance stacking chair. 
Polypropylene and with upholstered seat pad: up to 15 chairs on dolly and 5 on the floor.

Simple yet modern

SixE chairs are perfect for areas where not only ergonomics and comfort, but also safety and ease of handling are crucial.

Available in the unique Colors of Denmark palette, they accommodate a variety of workplace and domestic settings, appealing to current interior and color movements to deliver an element of warmth and comfort.

HOWE guaranteeS a long-lasting and environmental solution performing strong on function and aesthetics


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