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The last example uses a lot more features, like multiple images, and the short background option.

Designed by David Rowland

Designer David Rowland studied at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, the school that helped train Charles and Ray Eames, Florence Knoll, Harry Bertoia and Eero Saarinen. Early in his career, Rowland worked under Lazlo Moholy-Nagy as well as Norman Bel Geddes. In the process of taking the 40/4 beyond the prototype stage, the road was paved with all sorts of stumbling blocks. Due to his passion and relentless determination, Rowland made his vision a reality in 1964 with its initial launch and has remained in production ever since. Over eight million 40/4 chairs have been sold to date, proof that you need a brilliant idea to create a timeless design. But you also need to believe in it, to produce it.

What we value

One of HOWE's strengths is that our employees have different backgrounds, standards and values. Together, we make HOWE a workplace where there is room for diversity and development. At the same time, we as a company have shared values that form the basis of our culture — values we embrace individually and encourage our colleagues to live by. HOWE's basic values are: Flexibility - Focus - Innovation - Passion - Humanity
An MN1 armrest sketch on a yellow background
A stack of SixE chairs on a white background with a Moving Design logo mark



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Design with HOWE

Let's move people



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An installation image with 3 upholstered 40/4 lounge chairs and two round Tempest lounge tables
An installation image with SixE upholstered chair and a wooden desk
An installation image with MN1 chairs and a wooden table
  • 40/4 is as strong and sturdy as it is refined. Elegant, minimalist design allows it to effortlessly exist within diverse architectural venues.
  • SixE provides the crucial support and ergonomics needed for an ideal chair experience and offers superior comfort and efficiency.
  • Whenever comfort, classic lines, and functionality are vital, the MN1 chair is the obvious choice. The exposed veneer back frame gives MN1 the ability to harmonize with table tops for an exclusive look.
  • Elegant, flexible and space-saving the AS100 leaves room for all imaginable purposes whether it being work, meeting, study, or dining.

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David Rowland’s 40/4 side chairs were chosen by the congregation to furnish the transformed sacred interior. The chairs pay tribute to the timeless surroundings and offer flexibility. With their simple look and proven durability, 40/4 chairs provide cohesiveness in the design of the church and parish hall, making the cherished space more vibrant and contemporary.


40/4 is as strong as it is refined. Its gently contoured lines disguise the chair’s durability. The elegant, minimalist design allows it to effortlessly exist within this Episcopal parish hall venue. Within the expanded sacred space, they will serve the present and aspire to a vibrant future.


The parish hall hosts luncheons, breakfasts, dinners, coffee hours for each of the liturgies, fundraisers, and AA meetings. Every space in the parish hall complex is used weekly to support the mission and ministry of the church. That is why parishioners need furnishings that can be easily moved, removed, and stacked. The rolling racks allow for the 40/4 chairs to be set-up anywhere, providing Trinitarians optimal usage of the worship space. Forty chairs on a single dolly take up only 0,47m2 / 5.1 ft2 of floor space.



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Through the latest $7.2 million renovation, parishioners expanded the sacred space within the parish hall complex. This expansion relieves crowding, provides an experience of worship in the beauty of holiness, and attracts members to the contemporary worship service. The newly-developed complex, opened to the waterfront, allows for further growth. It aims to serve Trinity’s mission and ministry for decades to come, as well as offer new possibilities with a view of the surrounding beauty.


The parish hall, which is the central aspect of the parish hall complex, was transformed into a bright venue that echoes the beauty of the church itself. The main focus of the parish hall design was to mirror the simple elegance of that holy interior and the stained wood of the pews.

“New chairs warm our parish hall, allowing us flexibility of use with simple beauty, and all with a view of the future.”


Rector at Trinity by the Cove Episcopal Church
The Rev. Edward Gleason

Text in columns


This component allows you to insert text in columns in a controlled manner.

Reduction of chemicals & emissions

We develop safe and non-toxic products to reduce emissions and chemicals, producing an absoluteminimum of both.


Chrome III
Using Chrome III rather than the commonly used Chrome VI eliminates significant quantities of chemicals.

VOC emissions

Our stringent VOC emissions testing guarantees that our products contribute to a healthy indoor environment.

Chemical assessments
Health Product Declaration (HPD), ISO 14025 EPDs, and Global GreenTagCertTM — among other standards — all require assessment of the product’s chemical composition. Through our product chemicals database, we can generate any report requested.



Global GreenTagCertTM

Accordion w. Images


This component allows for custom accordion items with a corresponding image. The image does not slide, but changes as the active accordion item changes.

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  • By introducing the Take Back Option in 2011, we have given our customers the opportunity to return used HOWE furniture to HOWE.


    Through our special product stewardship arrangement, we take on increased product responsibility and aim to minimize their environmental impact – not only by re-using extremely durable materials but also prolonging their life cycle.


    All details regarding HOWE’s Take Back Option can be discussed with HOWE’s Customer Service Team.


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