8. January 2024



Since its introduction in 2020, the AS100 has been a cherished solution for those in need of a smart and adaptable chair. Designed by the renowned Andreas Störiko, the AS100 swivel chair fluidly combines intelligence with comfort and is crafted with a quality that truly stands out.


As part of the AS series, a family of nesting chairs and tables, the AS100 embodies lightweight convenience and space-saving brilliance. Operational efficiency and enduring creativity distinguish the chair. 

An installation image featuring the AS tables and AS100 chairs
A close-up image of the shell of the AS100 upholstered chair


Timed perfectly for the new year, the HOWE team is proud to present an upgraded AS100 featuring a universal base harmonious with both AS100 chairs and AS tables.


Boasting a new swivel column with four-stop positions for smooth rotation, the chair also sports a facelifted V-part adhering to the timeless "less is more" philosophy. Its front bar frame, now available in a fully polished finish, only adds to the chair's great aesthetic appeal. With a reduced seat height of approximately 30 mm/1.18​″​, th​is​ new AS100 ensures ​utmost​ comfort with a touch of softness.



​In addition, an extended stacking module prevents push marks​ while removal of the ​chair’s ​nesting magnet ​has ​simplified construction. 


The revamped AS100 meets growing demand for flexible spaces and agile processes​.​ ​It offers​ mobility and ​the ​freedom to arrange work, study, and meeting setups at your convenience. Thanks to its patented nesting ability and mobile castor base, the​ chair​ can be effortlessly moved by a single person, whether across the aisle, into storage, or into the lift, just ​as​ before. 

An installation image of nested AS400 tables and AS100 chairs
An installation image of nested AS400 tables and AS100 chairs

Experience the reimagined AS100 chair – where ultimate comfort meets timeless design! 


In conjunction with enhanced construction, we are excited to introduce ​a​ much-anticipated leather-type/vinyl fabric for the AS100. The Tannery synthetic leather from Spradling passed our rigorous quality control checks and received approval from the chair's designer. Importantly, Tannery is set to become a standard Group 1 fabric for both EMEA and the USA. 


Closely resembling real leather, Tannery is available in 24 neutral colours and features Spradling's PERMABLOK3® topcoat, making the removal of denim dye stains a breeze! Its butter-soft faux-leather texture brings a ​subtle hint​ of luxury to marine, hospitality, office, or healthcare spaces. Moreover, it's an ideal choice for high-traffic public seating as it is engineered to withstand the toughest conditions​,​ indoor ​to​ out. Tannery will also be available for other HOWE chairs.

Tannery-upholstered AS100 chair on a transparent background

HOWE guaranteeS a long-lasting and environmental solution performing strong on function and aesthetics


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