Meet the AS series


The AS series is a collection of mobile nesting chairs and tables that allows for truly flexible use of space.




All nesting tables and chairs in the AS series come with a mobile wheel-base. With a light “push,” you can create new furnishing dynamics that maintain a harmonious design language throughout your interiors.

Smart, harmonious, space-saving, and cleverly flexible... The AS Series of nesting chairs and tables leaves room for all imaginable purposes


With the AS100 chairs and the AS400 + AS500 tables at the ready, you can transform a workspace to a conference or dining room and back again in moments — with unmatched rearranging ease.


The AS series allows for operational efficiency and a new sense of mobility every day.

AS100 chair



The AS100 swivel chair, masterminded by award-winning designer Andreas Störiko, is smart and comfortable — and produced in a quality that stands out.


For many, that would be sufficient. But we took its design further to meet the growing need for flexible settings and agile processes — for the mobility and freedom to rearrange work, study, and meeting spaces at whim.


Its patented “horizontal stack” plus mobile wheel-base make the AS100 easily nested, rolled across the aisle and into the storage room, or lifted by one person.


Lightweight and space-saving, too, the AS100 offers both operational efficiency and enduring creativity.

AS400 + AS500 tables



The AS400 tables, masterminded by award-winning designer Andreas Störiko, are smart and elegant — and produced in a quality that stands out.


For many, that would be sufficient. But thanks to their mobile wheel-base, they are also unbelievably easy to manoeuvre. Their intuitive flip-top mechanism and incomparable nest-ability allow you to flip them, bind them together, and move them from room to room by its handle — all effortlessly. No need to load the tables back and forth on trolleys or wait on staff assistance.


The AS400 tables meet the growing need for flexibility across agile work, study, and meeting spaces. They give you the freedom to create configurations at will.


The AS linking’s smart elastic cord makes it easy to firmly join tables any way you want.


AS500 stands for a bar height version with round or square table top.

Designer Andreas Störiko

Movement and multifunctionality have always been essential to German architect, designer, and nomad Andreas Störiko’s work.


He received his education at the Academy for Art and Design in Stuttgart, winning a foreign exchange scholarship at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield, Michigan — a school that’s produced some of the most influential designers of our time.

I hope my designs are ideal for an age in which the internet allows people to work and hold meetings anywhere and leave the traditional office environment.


Andreas Störiko

Feel free to see things in a new way

If you have any questions regarding the new AS series please contact our Customer Service at

5 black circles on a brown background; AS400 black table tops configuration
An installation of AS100 and AS400 tables

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