Does your church furniture meet the need for a multi-usage space? The church is first and foremost a place of worship and contemplation, but today the interiors of churches and cathedrals must also flex for concerts, seminars and even yoga classes. With flexible and multi-functional furniture from HOWE, it's easy to meet both briefs. 

HOWE church furniture solutions offer you:
- The original 40/4 chair – ideal as a church chair
- Proven longevity, the 40/4 chairs in St. Paul's Cathedral having been in use since 1973
- A neutral, light design statement that enhances interior architecture  
- Furniture designed for easy handling
- The 40/4 chair’s remarkable ability to stack when linked in rows of two, three and four chairs 
- The 40/4 chair stacks 40 high and is easy to move on its specially designed dolly
- A 10-year warranty on the 40/4 chair, SixE chair, Tempest table and Moveo table

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Key references

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Canterbury Cathedral, UK
Liberaal Joodse Gemeente Amsterdam, Netherlands
Helligtrekongers Kirke, Denmark
Johanneskirche Troisdorf, Germany
Sct. Nicolai Kirke, menighedshuset, Denmark
St. Paul’s Cathedral, USA
St. Barnabys Church, Australia
The Parish of All Saints, USA