19. February 2024

Energizing Modern Workspaces


In today's agile world, office environments require unprecedented flexibility. The essence of modern workspaces lies not only in their design but also in integrating technology, especially portable batteries. These power solutions free workstations from the constraints of fixed outlets, enabling a truly adaptable layout.

A close-up image of a person walking and holding a portable black battery
A close-up image of a white tabletop with a built-in battery

Our latest offerings, featuring OE Electrics' ANIMATE range, address these needs with advanced USB charging, wireless charging, and robust battery options. Our furniture transforms into a dynamic tool that evolves with your workflow.



The QIKPAC CARRY portable battery, along with charging docks, enhances flexibility and is compatible with all our products. For certain tables, a dedicated dock can be securely installed. While most tables are compatible, there may be minor exceptions.

An installation image featuring the Tempest table accompanied by greenish 40/4 chairs
An installation image featuring the Tempest table accompanied by greenish 40/4 chairs

For more details on our electrification solutions, please reach out to HOWE Customer Service.


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    • Mobility: Desks and meeting areas can be rearranged without concern for power source locations.
    • Productivity: Continuous device charging ensures that work flows without interruption.
    • Innovation: The elimination of physical barriers fosters creative setups and collaboration.
 A close-up image of a tabletop with built-in cable outlets

HOWE guaranteeS a long-lasting and environmental solution performing strong on function and aesthetics


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