1. May 2022

We are delighted to invite you to the “HOWE talks design” interviews that will take place on our @howefurniture Instagram account.


The new concept for the live series with renowned designers is an opportunity to discover the main challenges in the creative process and some of the designers’ secrets.


We want you to meet and learn more about the designers behind HOWE furniture.


Ready to hear about the principles of good design and designers’ ideas for future projects? Want to know what flexibility and functionality mean to them? Interested where they look for inspiration?


Join us on @howefurniture and stay updated!


  • The first episode of “HOWE talks design” with Andreas Störiko, the mastermind behind the AS table series and AS100 chair, will start on Monday, 22nd of November at 12:00 (CET).  

  • The second episode of “HOWE talks design” with Morten Nikolajsen, the mastermind behind the MN1 chair, will start on Wednesday, 26th of January at 14:00 (CET).  

  • The third episode of “HOWE talks design” with Luke Pearson, the cofounder of the design studio Pearson Lloyd and the creator behind our SixE chair, will start on Thursday, 7th of April at 14:00 (CEST).