5. November 2023

HOWE undergoes GreenRate and EPD certification programs with Global GreenTag


The GreenRate certification system is the heart of GreenTag's mission. It is a comprehensive and globally recognized benchmark for evaluating the environmental performance of furniture products.


Its certification process involves rigorous assessment of many factors, from materials sourcing to manufacturing operations, product life cycle, and end-of-life disposal.


Through meticulous review, GreenRate identifies and promotes furniture with reduced environmental impact, accelerating the adoption of greener industry practices.

GreenRate certification defines a set of well-defined environmental criteria that products must meet to receive the coveted label. These criteria cover an array of aspects, including:


  • Materials: GreenRate evaluates the composition of materials used in furniture, giving preference to pieces with recycled content, renewable resources, or low environmental impact.
  • Energy and Emissions: The certification assesses energy consumption during manufacturing and transportation processes. Lower emissions and energy-efficient practices receive higher GreenRate ratings.
  • Resource Efficiency: GreenRate examines the use of materials, water, and energy throughout a product's life cycle, encouraging circular-economy principles.
  • Health and Well-being: The certification also takes into account potential impacts of furniture on human health, rewarding products free from harmful substances and emissions.
  • Social Responsibility: GreenRate considers the ethics of a manufacturer’s operations, reviewing labor conditions, wage rates, and community engagement.

Global GreenTag LCI (Life Cycle Inventory) and EPD (Environmental Product Declarations)

Global GreenTag LCI and EPD certifications respond to the growing concern for ecological conservation and responsible consumption within the furniture industry. As societies worldwide embrace sustainability to be a core value, consumers are increasingly seeking products that are eco conscious. Today, manufacturers and businesses are pushed to critically reevaluate their production processes and material use to meet these evolving demands.


LCI, the foundational component of this certification, delves into the entire life cycle of a furniture piece, analyzing its environmental implications at every stage. This approach scrutinizes the acquisition of raw materials, manufacturing processes, transportation, use phase, and eventual disposal or recycling.

By reviewing the footprint of a product across its entire existence, the LCI assessment provides a comprehensive overview of every furniture piece’s environmental impact.


Subsequently, EPD certification builds upon the LCI assessment, producing a standardized and transparent declaration of a furniture piece's environmental performance. This declaration is based on internationally recognized methodologies and standards, supplying consumers, designers, and specifiers with verified information to make informed choices. EPDs are akin to environmental “nutrition labels,” offering clear and concise summaries of every furniture piece’s ecological effects, such as greenhouse gas emissions, resource consumption, and toxicity potential.

HOWE undergoes Global GreenTag GreenRate certification for select product versions of our 40/4 and SixE chairs and Tempest and Moveo tables.

Global GreenTag's LCI and EPD certification's primary strengths lie in their holistic approach. Rather than focusing solely on a product's immediate attributes, EPD documents account for the broader impact on ecosystems, energy consumption, and waste generation. This systemic assessment allows manufacturers to identify areas for improvement and innovate products with a lower overall environmental footprint.


HOWE undergoes Global GreenTag GreenRate certification for select product versions of our 40/4 and SixE chairs and Tempest and Moveo tables. As for Global GreenTag LCI and EPD certification, we pursue both for select product versions of our 40/4 and SixE chairs and Tempest, Moveo, Usu, and Simpla tables.


Both certifications are valid for a period of five years with annual updates. Documentation is also updated and reevaluated by Global GreenTag in case of any process or material changes in a product.


In recent years, HOWE has made many updates and improvements in all our products to meet increasing demands for functionality and environmental and chemical conformance. Also, we have faced many legal requirement changes in countries we sell to. Currently, we are in the process of recertification, and we expect to present renewed Global GreenTag GreenRate and EPD certificates shortly. We want our products to meet all current criteria and, thereby, offer the best, most environmentally kind, and human-health supporting options.

Moving towards sustainability