20. June 2022

We are pleased to introduce new privacy screens designed for the AS series.


The AS series is a collection of mobile nesting chairs and tables that allows for a flexible use of space. When the AS100 chairs and the AS400 + AS500 tables are at the ready, you can transform a workspace to a conference or dining room and back again in moments.


Adding the privacy screen to the AS400 or AS500 tables, the space can be changed from collaborative to individual, creating discreet boundaries that maximize privacy and minimize venue disturbance.


Aesthetically pleasing, the innovative felt privacy screen creates enclosure to spaces during work, education, and meeting areas. It gives flexibility to produce boundaries, as well as visual privacy.


The pin-able, lightweight screen is easy to install, and rolls up for ease of transport and storage. It can be also used as a modesty panel, shielding the view under the work surface.


Carefully designed for the AS table series, the privacy screen is made of 100% polyester felt cloth. Manufactured in Finland, the textile contains more than 95% post-consumer recycled content and is produced without any solvent or other chemical substances. The material is recyclable, which follows our rules of sustainability.


The new AS privacy screens are going to be incorporated in the price list expected for 1 July 2022.


Enhance your privacy when needed in flexible and open workplaces with eco-friendly and smart solutions.