2. January 2024

Upholding a legacy of authentic design


Be Original Americas’s mission and values align with core principles of the HOWE brand, prioritizing originality, legacy, and respect. The nonprofit advocacy group informs our furniture design community about the economic, ethical, and environmental value of authentic design while shielding it from the proliferation of knockoffs.


As a dedicated partner embracing these ideas, HOWE eagerly joins the community in a fight to support original design. 

An installation image featuring various leather-upholstered 40/4 chairs
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Preserving legacy through originality

Our design philosophy draws inspiration from the Bauhaus tradition, emphasizing a combination of design, simplicity, quality, and functionality. One of HOWE’s most iconic products, the 40/4 chair by David Rowland, reflects the influence of the Bauhaus movement perfectly.


Through it, David Rowland fused American technical expertise with European avant-garde and modern design, creating some of the most unique seating ever produced.



Today, the 40/4 chair is proudly showcased in the Bauhaus Museum’s temporary collection in Dessau, Germany. 


As HOWE exclusively holds all rights to the original 40/4 stacking chair by David Rowland, our commitment to preserving the rich history and heritage embedded within such originals is strong. 


Learn more about the original design.

 An installation image with 40/4 chairs arranged in front and table tops in the background
 An installation image with 40/4 chairs arranged in front and table tops in the background

Championing original craftsmanship and pioneering design since 1928 

Protecting heritage amidst replication 


Regrettably, our iconic products ​have been​ replicated without providing any independent value​ in numerous instances​, flooding markets worldwide. This trend persists, with the undeniable advantages of the first chair of its kind becoming more alluring each year, leading to a proliferation of minimalist stacking chairs.


Due to its extremely durable materials and admirable stacking and handling capabilities, the 40/4 chair stands as a world-class multi-functional flexible solution for design-oriented applications. 

Safeguarding originality in furniture design 


​​We​ join the Be Original Americas organizationdevoted to​ working together​to​ protect originality and quality in the furniture industry. Since our inception in 1928, we have consistently been a manufacturer where pioneering design, originality, and legacy respect are paramount. 

A close-up image of a stack of veneer 40/4 chairs

HOWE guaranteeS a long-lasting and environmental solution performing strong on function and aesthetics


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