The Colours of Denmark — eight balanced hues inspired by the country of Denmark. From the soft and muted accents found amongst its natural landscapes to the rich cultivated colours of the city seen in fashion, transport, and architecture. 


The new colours illustrate the harmonies of Danish heritage. The cool and soft colours transport you to Denmark’s ocean landscapes, while the modern neutral colours evoke the urbanity of Danish cities, fashion, and architecture.


The blended palette accommodates a variety of workplace and domestic settings, appealing to current interior and colour movements to deliver an element of warmth and comfort.



Explore the new SixE palette

A mood board showing the colours of Denmark palette for SixE chairs

The designers

The new selection was chosen in close cooperation with the Pearson Lloyd team – the original SixE chair designers. They carefully chose colors to withstand time and trends; the result is an enduring color palette for a long-lasting chair.

A black and white portrait of Luke Pearson (left) and Tom Lloyd (right), the SixE chair designers

HOWE’s Danish heritage was a natural and immediate source of inspiration for this new palette. The cool, soft and desaturated tones of Denmark's landscapes sit harmoniously with the richer and vibrant tones of Denmark’s; cities, design culture, fashion, and architecture.


Pearson Lloyd

New SixE palette

  • Sultry terracotta


    Red ochre is a sultry terracotta tone that takes direct inspiration from clay coloured with iron oxide. It is traditionally used to make paint and is commonly used on Scandinavian buildings. This on-trend colour is both soft and strong — the perfect medium. 

  • Blue depth


    Ocean offers richness and is an anchoring tone within the palette. A strong blue with green hues delivers vigour and sophistication. Denmark, a seafaring country, is surrounded by endless coastline and the omnipresent ocean. Inspired by the moody palette of the Ocean, this colour has a great sense of depth.

  • Mellow and smooth


    Wheat is mellow and smooth; its hues draw reference to wheat meadows moving in the wind. This tone is a relaxed, intimate neutral, and adds warmth to any environment.

  • Light-toned brown


    Fawn is a light-toned brown, the perfect balance between an off-white like Chalk and the richness of a brown. A likeness seen in the colouring of a Fawns coat, a delicate gradient moving from light to dark, is both elegant and charming.

  • Mossy green forest


    Lichen is a soft and subtle green; its dusty tone creates a sense of fuzzy warmth and comfort while also highlighting SixE’s curves.


    Inspired by the muted pastel greens of lichen found growing on forest tree trunks, this colour is calm and easy on the eye.

  • Pure strength


    Black is pure and strong and draws reference from powder coated bicycle frames seen throughout Denmark's cycling culture. It offers weight and formality to the palette. Black is an existing colour in the palette.

  • Cobblestone streets


    Howe grey is a longstanding color used throughout HOWE products. It is a powder grey which is both timeless and versatile. Reminiscent of the cobble stones of Copenhagen this tone is a perfect mix between Black and Chalk, offering a soft and shadowy silhouette. Howe grey is an existing colour in the palette.

  • Mineral white


    Chalk is a mineral white, derived from the chalk mines in Denmark. The tone offers a warmer white, which sits harmoniously against the rest of the SixE color palette. Chalk is an existing colour in the palette, however with a new name.

An installation image of the Sixe family in the Colours of Denmark; 4-leg in a row; Howe grey, Chalk, Wheat, Ocean, Red ochre, fawn and Lichen polypropylene shells
An installation image of the Sixe family in the Colours of Denmark; 4-leg in a row; Howe grey, Chalk, Wheat, Ocean, Red ochre, fawn and Lichen polypropylene shells
SixE chairs by Pearson Lloyd - colourful frames

SixE - a perfectly bold move

The Colours of Denmark, together with the ubiquitous shades of black, white, and HOWE grey, are replacing the current choice of 6 with a wider selection of 8 colours in total.


The discontinued colours will be available until stock is exhausted. If you would like to get more information about the available colours or order the Colours of Denmark palette samples, please contact Customer Service at


Ergonomic, Efficient, Elegant, Environmental, Economic, and Easy moving: these six “E” words sum up the SixE chair, designed to be the most efficient, sturdy, and long-lasting stacking shell chair available.

A deatail photo of a SixE black back shell



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