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Sculptural simplicity
Designed in 1955 for the Munkegaard School in Denmark, the Tongue is the second great chair design from the celebrated Danish designer and architect Arne Jacobsen. Introduced right after the famous Ant chair, it was later used to furnish the Jacobsen-designed Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.
In 2013, HOWE restored the Tongue. The chair's aesthetics are exactly as Jacobsen specified, with additional strength provided through precision engineering and the application of high-quality materials, in line with Arne Jacobsen's own vision for the Tongue. Today’s Tongue is the very essence of structural simplicity – a real design enthusiast’s chair.


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A design statement
The Tongue is a chair for the design-oriented customer confident enough to make a bold statement. It works especially well as a coffee table chair or visitor chair, and in high-style restaurants.

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Christopher Kane, UK
Medical Center Zaragoza, Spain

Arne Jacobsen

An extraordinary man of vision, Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971), is one of the greatest names in 20th century Danish design. His bold and distinctive ideas and offbeat aesthetics pushed design into new territory. Today, Arne Jacobsen’s work is part of many museums’ permanent collections, and is prized by collectors and loved by people of many generations.

Arne Jacobsen was famous for his ability to work on many different scales at the same time. One of his greatest achievements is the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen (1960), where he was not only the architect of the building but the designer responsible for everything within – from furnishings right down to the cutlery in the restaurant.

At HOWE, we admire groundbreaking designs. That's why we hold the masters of modernist design like Arne Jacobsen in such high regard. With their keen sense of proportion, passion for detail and skilled use of organic lines and sculptural elements, Arne Jacobsen's designs have achieved iconic status. Whether you call it the Mosquito chair or the Munkegaard chair, this chair is a functional beauty. HOWE's engineering expertise and construction techniques have helped make it what it is today: a new classic for the 21st century.

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