MN table series by Morten Nikolajsen

MN table series

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MN table series

Honest, simple, sustainable
MN table series is a furniture line for the modern office space consisting of a height-adjustable desk, a height-adjustable meeting table, and a meeting table. The line is cohesive through the use of solid wood on every possible element, together with its full-radius edge detail.

The use of wood as its material is also what is unique about the collection, as this is a new way of using the material in the office/working environment. It delivers a warm, inviting feeling to workspaces, giving them an interior designed feeling more like that of a home. 

Design: Morten Nikolajsen

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Morten Nikolajsen

Mortens design philosophy is inspired by functionality and playfulness, an inspiration that permeates every design process together with his obsession with and fascination for holistic and innovative design. Constantly thinking of new ways to improve products, Morten lives and breathes for design. His work ranges from bicycles to lamps, from furniture to industrial design.

In his relatively short career Nikolajsen has created several noteworthy designs, including conference chair MN1 and the soft seating line Manhattan with the Strap side table. He has also been a partner in the well-known design company, Acer Design, before he started his own design office, Mohoni Studio, in the heart of Odense, Denmark. Occasionally, Nikolajsen also lectures the next generation of young designers at the University of Southern Denmark passing on his extensive knowledge about industrial design and engineering.

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