Refined engineering

SixE is designed to be the most efficient, sturdy, and long-lasting solution to the ubiquitous stacking shell chair. SixE provides the crucial support and ergonomics needed for an ideal chair experience and offers superior comfort and efficiency.

Like all HOWE products, SixE responds to the most current thinking, research, and standards where safety and the environment are concerned. SixE uses the most carefully selected materials and the trivalent chrome (chrome3) as a standard.

The name, SixE, refers to the six E's that characterises the chair: Ergonomic, Efficient, Elegant, Environmental, Economic and Ease of handling. Learn more here.  

Usage: SixE is a sturdy stacking chair intended for multi-usage environments. The space-saving and functional features make SixE ideal for canteens and classrooms.

SixE is designed by PearsonLloyd.

A pragmatic approach

With SixE, we wanted to create a refined mono shell chair to fill the gap in the market that we saw. At the same time, we wanted to create a mono shell counterpart to the well-establish 40/4 chair that we think is the perfect product with its long durability and fantastic ergonomics. Our idea was to design a confident but also a humble chair with a simple design aesthetics that makes it easy to use in many settings. The bespoke texture on the back gives the chair a unique feel and the soft corners and superb ergonomics make the chair superbly comfortable. SixE is truly refined engineering - a chair that is both durable, elegant and environmentally friendly; one that also offers efficient stackability and a design that is fitting for every setting.