A design classic returns

Arne Jacobsen's Tongue chair is a Danish design classic that went missing. Designed right after the Ant chair, it was always one of his favourites but never really found a home. So when the opportunity arose to take the Tongue classic under our wing at HOWE, we couldn't resist.

Designed in 1955 for Munkegård School in Denmark, the Tongue is Arne Jacobsen's second completed chair design - coming right after the Ant chair. It was later placed in the rooms at the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, where it was also modified for use as a bar stool. Yet the Tongue wasn't available internationally until the 1980s and even then only for a short while.

Now returning to its proper place in Jacobsen's legacy, the Tongue has been restored by HOWE engineering expertise. The chair's aesthetics are exactly as Jacobsen specified, with additional strength provided through precision engineering and the application of high-quality materials - matching Arne Jacobsen's own vision for the Tongue.

Usage: The Tongue is great for the home and stylish offices spaces. It would also fit perfectly in public environments like waiting rooms.

the Tongue