Simple, stackable, remarkable

David Rowland’s award-winning 40/4 stackable chair is arguably one of the most important designs of the 20th century. The 40/4 chair is featured in design collections and museums the world over, in recognition of its elegant lines, excellent ergonomics, unsurpassed stacking and handling, as well as space-saving advantages for flexible interiors. With over eight million sold since its inception in 1964, the 40/4 stackable chair is an indisputable icon of multifunctional design, which continues to attract architects and designers who are amazed by its ability to create space – without taking up space.

Usage: Corporate offices, conference centres, training establishments, universities, churches, cathedrals, schools and educational facilities.

A peaceful mission

I was a pilot in the United States Air Force during the Second World War. At that time, there were beastly uncomfortable seats in the cockpits of the planes we flew. And during the many campaigns I was on, some lasting up to twelve hours, I promised myself that if I survived I would dedicate my life to the creation of comfortable and ergonomically correct seating. Once the war was over, I started my own peaceful mission. After years of research, sketches and prototypes, I finally had the light, strong and super-ergonomic chair, which is now known around the world as the stacking chair 40/4.

David Rowland