Functionality was a prerequisite for the Munkegaard chair. Originally designed in 1955 for the Munkegaard School, the chair is easily stackable and perfectly suited to diffrent spaces. It complements any décor, adding distinction, strength and charm, and making the statement of indivi-duality it was always meant to.


Veneer: 12 on floor within 1585 mm height.
Upholstered: 8 on floor within 1545 mm height (stacking pan to be used).


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A daring classic for the 21th century

Thanks to our sophisticated engineering skills and construction techniques, we have been able to bring a 1950s original up-to-date, all without altering the aesthetics. We’ve made it greener and tougher than ever before, and turned it into what it is today: a new classic for the 21st century.

HOWE guaranteeS a long-lasting and environmental solution performing strong on function and aesthetics


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