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Spaghetti Wall

Decorative division of space
Spaghetti Wall is a light and transparent room divider concept that functions as a psychological barrier between working areas. With its light, creative design and simple aesthetics, the Spaghetti Wall is ideal for dividing rooms without taking up space. Spaghetti Wall can also serve a creative and decorative barrier for public spaces.

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A light room divider concept
The Spaghetti Wall is used to divide spaces psychologically while maintaining transparency.

Key references

Le Méridien Piccadilly, UK
Nokia HQ, Denmark
Drammensbadet, Norway
Virgin Airlines, Hong Kong
Telenor, Norway
Tribal Group, UK
MAN Diesels HQ, Germany
Banca di Credito, Italy
Yellow Pages HQ, UK
SAS Hotel Royal, Denmark
Spaghetti Wall Hirsch and Zoffmann room divider HOWE

Hans von Hirsch & John Zoffmann

John Elliot Zoffmann (Denmark) and Hans von Hirsch (Norway) are the creative minds behind the innovative room divider concept Spaghetti Wall, a new way to mark zones in an open office environment. The design draws on Elliot Zoffmann's original and eccentric thinking and Hans von Hirsch's technical literacy within design and construction.