David Rowland’s iconic 40/4 chair is now available in a new and eye-catching lounge edition. Rowland has created the 40/4 lounge edition with respect for the classic design and flexible qualities of the original 40/4, earning it a well-deserved place in the 40/4 family.

New possibilities

Presenting the 40/4 lounge edition, HOWE has entered a new application area. From having adorned canteens, concert halls and conference rooms, HOWE is now also able to contribute to all kinds of relaxing areas, entrance halls, lobbies etc. Whit this development, HOWE is able to assist companies convey a strong brand image through one consistent design concept in all open areas of the company.

A phenomenal stacker

The 40/4 lounge edition has an exceptional stacking capacity of as many as 20 chairs stacked on a floor. As flexible as it is, the 40/4 lounge edition is available in various décors such as veneer, stained veneer and upholstery as well as with soft touch rubber coating on seat and back. The frame is either chromed or powder coated. The seating height is 400mm and the seating width is 523 mm. The slightly higher degree of inclination of the seat ensures a comfortable, leaned back seating position. These are all qualities that make the 40/4 lounge edition perfect for relaxing areas where a maximum of comfort combined with style is the main focus.

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